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Pörssi ry

Pörssi ry is the subject association of the students of Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE). You can become a member of Pörssi ry if you are a degree student at JSBE. Therefore, we have members studying Management and Leadership, Accounting, Marketing, Corporate Communications, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Environmental Management, Economics, and Information System Science. Unfortunately exchange students are not able to join Pörssi ry as an official member, but as a temporary member via 20€ membership fee.

Pörssi ry has over 1800 members.



Pörssi ry was established on the 8th of February 1968. The association has continuously developed and increased its activities over the past years. This has been possible only because of our active and enthusiastic members.

Suomen Ekonomit – Business School Graduates operates as our parent organisation. You automatically become a member of Suomen Ekonomit when you join Pörssi. The membership fee of Pörssi ry is only 40 euros for the whole studying time (max. 7 years).

The basic idea of Pörssi ry’s actions is to drive the interests of the students diversely and extensively. Because we are one of the biggest student associations (and a really active one), we bring a lot of benefits for every member and we take care of things concerning studies as well as leisure time. We also take our exchange and international degree students into account in our activities.

Parties and excursions have traditionally been extremely popular events. In addition, sport activities have become a visible part of our action. We take part in many inter-company matches and we have sport hours weekly in the University’s sport hall. Moreover, team and club activities, company visits and our own magazine, Pörssikurssi, complete the studies nicely.

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Studying and studentlife


We are Elina and Noora, persons responsible for education and social political affairs in the board of Pörssi ry. Pörssi ry is the student union of students of Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE). Our job is to improve different study and wellbeing-related matters and procedures and acting as a link between the students and the JSBE. It’s our responsibility to take the students’ point of view to our school’s administration and faculty. Pörssi ry also cooperates with the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY) and especially in the field of national educational political matters and issues concerning our whole university JYY is a vital partner to us.

Being part of Pörssi isn´t just studying. We continuously organize different kind of events, sports and other activities to help students to maintain their overall wellbeing. Our job is to take care of that everybody has something to join in.

If you have any ideas or improvements concerning studying, living or activities, feel free to contact us. Feedback and different study-related and also social political wishes are always welcome! If you don’t know who to turn to, we, and the whole board of Pörssi, are always ready to help you.

Wishing you many great moments with your studies!


Elina and Noora

and the whole board of Pörssi ry


Elina Palonen

Head of Education Political Affairs


Noora Lampinen

Head of Social Political Affairs


Click here to see Pörssi ry’s information regarding Covid-19.