Information regarding Covid-19

We have been closely following the situation with the spread of the coronavirus. In addition to that we have conducted a survey within the members of Pörssi ry to determinate how we are going to organize the fall term’s events.

In this exceptional situation it is crucial to follow all official instructions and guidelines. We will also have a registration for all our events so we will know who have attended. This will help us to contact the right people, should we have an exposure of the virus at some of our events. This will be done in order to make our events safer and to ease the communication afterwards.

Please take into consideration all these steps before and during our events:

  1. Do not attend if you are feeling sick or you have any symptoms of Covid-19 – there will always be great parties later as well.
  2. Do not attend if you suspect that you have been exposed to the virus, or if someone who you have been in closed contact with, suspects that they have the virus.
  3. Take care of good hand hygiene and in addition to that you can also wear a face mask.
  4. Try to keep a safe distance to others.
  5. Remember to register beforehand to every event that you are atteding.
  6. Remember that everyone can have a different reaction to this exceptional situation. Please let everyone determine themselves what they feel comfortable with.
  7. Keep yourself updated about the official guidelines and follow the updated quarantine recommendations. More updated information you can find from here.

We got 265 responses on our survey. Among the people who replied in Finnish, most popular opinion was that people were ready to attend also bigger events. About a one-tenth reported that they would only attend smaller events of less than 50 people and only a very few stated that they would not attend any events. About one-fourth felt that there is a need for virtual events as well.

In the survey in English the percentages were a little different A bit over a half stated that they would attend all kinds of events, and about one-fourth that they would not attend any events. The rest 15% told that they would attend only smaller events. Within this survey half of the responders felt the need for virtual events.

Our most important goal is to make sure that everyone feels safe at our events. We would like to also remind that attending all events is completely voluntary and it is at your own risk.

In these exceptional circumstances it is very important to take everyone’s feelings into consideration and be mindful of other people. We will do our best to have also smaller events and hangouts for everyone to join. We also encourage you to reach out to your peers so that no one gets left alone whether they want to take part in our events or not.

If you have any questions or you are concerned that you may have had a coronavirus infection when attending our event, please do contact our Head of Communications Inka. This will be done confidentially. Inka’s phone number is 050 4948917.

Let’s take care of each other and make this fall both safe and memorable.